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Hot rolled coils and sheets, strips and circles

Hot Rolled Coil / Twin Roll Continuous Casting

Sheets   Hot rolled aluminium sheets

Hot rolled aluminium coils and circles
Alloys 8011,1100,1050,GQ
Thickness max - 11.5mm / min - 5.5mm
Width 1320mm / 52 inch
Length min - 10"/ as per customer specification
Alloys 8011, 1100, 1050, GQ
Thickness max - 7mm / min - 5.5mm
Width max. 1320mm (untrimmed) and max. 1280mm(trimmed) min. 930mm (trimmed)
Weight max. 5 ton min. 2.5 ton
Arbor 508mm (nominal)
Camber +1% of thickness max.
Edge-Edge Variation 0.05 mm
JB Aluminium
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